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Billy Kassabian awarded with a Commitment Coin

October 27, 2017

Billy was on his way out to the job site to begin the night shift on Eagle Road. Around 6:30 pm he stopped at Travers Food Market in Haverford Township. While at the register paying for his food, a commotion at the back of the store caught his attention: One of the store employees had collapsed to the floor and had begun to have seizures. Billy reacted quickly, and grabbed the AED out of his crew truck. Back inside, he directed the cashier to call 911, and hooked up the AED machine to monitor Sean's vital signs. While monitoring his condition, Sean's seizures subsided. Billy noticed he was no longer breathing and the AED was reading no pulse. Billy was able to use the AED machine to get the man breathing again and establish a pulse until the paramedics arrived.  

Billy was awarded with a Quanta Services Commitment Coin for this heroic act.


See the videos below to learn more about the Quanta Services Commitment Coin.

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