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December 01, 2016

helpingcustomer2.jpgWhen a Kansas City crew came across a locked gate preventing them from getting to a meter they had to locate the homeowner who was down the street at her father’s home acting as care-giver for him. She gladly accepted an offer of assistance from Steve Danforth, Foreman, to help get her to her home. Once there she handed her keyring to Steve which appeared to have 100+ keys on it. He assisted her in finding the correct key and took time to answer all of her questions about the work they would be performing. Dee Stevens, QC Inspector, happened to be onsite and observed four very patient employees answering all of her questions and putting her mind at ease. In addition to Steve, the crew included Pat Holl, Operator; Randy Galloway, Plumber; and Kyle Whited, Plumber. Dee stated that the customer was very satisfied and continued to thank the crew for such a good job and for helping her get to and from her father’s house. “It was an awesome job” Dee said.

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