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A stretch (or 8) a day keeps Dr. Jill away

April 04, 2016 Around the Company

Dr. Jill Jorgensen is making her rounds through InfraSource divisions to present “Save Your Spine” Health Services Training so employees can learn simple and effective tools which if used, can help stop injuries and decrease daily aches and pains. 

Dr. Jill provides both classroom and on-site training and evaluation and is able to accommodate the specific work functions of each crew. She will assist in establishing preventative measures for alleviation of strain related injuries. 

She is the founder and President of Spinal Health Consultants, Inc and is known for her passionate and tenacious pursuit of elevating the health and safety of crews. It is a personal passion as she grew up working with her dad in his excavating business. She also has a clinical background in nutrition which provides her insight in to common nutritional challenges as well as the physical demands of the body.

So far she has been to Michigan, Ohio, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia and will be wrapping up in April after visiting New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Indiana, Missouri and Pennsylvania.

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