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Recognizing our Everyday Heroes

August 28, 2018

While riding her bike in Dubuque, IA , a young girl went over the curb and had an accident in the street. Luckily our crew was there to stop traffic and move her to a safe location. She had sustained a head injury and became upset when emergency response arrived. The crew promised her ice cream and a new bike if she would let them take care of her. By the end of the day the crew had gotten word that the young girl was doing well. Several members of the crew went to the hospital to visit her and made good on their promise - ice cream…and a new bike! The entire crew's actions are a testament to what InfraSource is about. Thank you for your dedication an living our Core Values. 


Pictured (left to right): Steve Seippel, Bill Donohoe, Dave Johnson, Nick Fischer, Mike Roloff

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