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Core Values Corner "T-E-A-M"

July 01, 2016

sarmento.jpgIn some sense, barbecue has always been a competitive sport.  You’ve probably experienced it this way yourself.  Think back to the last backyard picnic where you brought your prized smoked dish  and how you stared down the freeloaders waitin’ to grab hold of your ribs……..  Barbecue has moved beyond the kind of chop block you applied to your backyard experience.  In recent years it has become a professional, high-stakes team sport.  

Like these driven teams, the InfraSource Team gets moving in the frigid months of early spring, continues through the sweltering heat of summer and into the crisp air of autumn.  Through the seasons, we are doin’ a lot of cookin’, participating in countless training sessions, reviewing results of our work, honing our skills.  

Along the way, we have won and lost, learned our strengths and weaknesses and discover something important: winning……….whether on the barbeque circuit, in the estimating war room or during the execution stages of our work, we collectively develop our “best recipes”.  To win big, we need to excel at teamwork.  

Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”  For a team to come together, its members must share a common goal as delivered through leadership being able to articulate a clear vision, promoting values for how the “Team” will reach its goals.  For the InfraSource Team, our Vision is clear; “To enrich lives by being the best place to work and the leader in construction of safe and reliable InfraStructure.”  It reminds us that, “many of us” is more capable than “some of us”, but none of us is as capable as all of us.    

Staying together on this is a matter of recognizing the different strengths people bring to the table, and how they complement each other to make up a whole capability.  Finally, working together is understanding our roles, how best to exploit our strengths and becoming very practiced at working in unison.  Certainly, thousands of hours of practice, trial and error have already informed our process.  

If anything, these are the ingredients of a winning team……… take your smoked butt, tender shoulders and baby back up to the table so we can thank you for being part of InfraSource’s “Grand Championship Team.”

- A message from Steve Sarmento, Director of Operations - Northeast.

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