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Our Team Helping at Every Opportunity

December 07, 2018

Our Team Helping at Every Opportunity!

On November 8th, 2018 George Eardley and Sal Seramone were entering I76 at City Avenue heading west. They noticed there was a car stopped on the highway and decided to take a closer look. They found a man lying on the floor. They immediately called George Rivera and Ethan Wheatley who were behind them and advised them to slow down and help them stop traffic, so they could get help. They approached the man lying on the floor and found that he was unresponsive but still had a pulse. They called 911 and waited with the man until they arrived.

Sometimes it can just take a moment to stop and take a closer look to what is going on around us to make a difference. Thank you, team, for always looking for opportunities to help!


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