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The Next Level

June 09, 2016

Safety. How do we take it to the next level? The Midwest Division’s Safety Committee in Kansas City had the same question. Their answer - as a divsion, we need a safety slogan to live by. So the committee tasked all the employees in the local operating unit to come up with a slogan that demonstrates what the InfraSource team strives for each and every day, full commitment to safety. Each crew was given an entry form to submit their ideas to the Safety Committee. They reviewed them all and unanimously came up with the winning slogan for 2016. It is “SAFETY SMART RIGHT FROM THE START”.

The slogan was created by Chad Cooks, Ricardo Hernandez, and Roy Simms, pictured above. Ricardo’s Crew was recognized at the Quarterly Management Meeting and were presented with Carhartt coats that have the slogan prominently embroidered on them. In addition all employees received hard hat stickers with the logo. Jason Clark, Superintendent says that all the crews are already excited and thinking about their slogan ideas for 2017 in hopes of having theirs selected.

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