At InfraSource, safety is not just a philosophy – it is our first core value. Our duty is to complete each and every project incident- and injury-free. ​

InfraSource is committed to providing a safe work environment for its employees as well as ensuring the safety of the public as we complete our work. Safety sponsorship has been established at the highest levels of our organization to ensure that employees at every level and in every division are accountable for achieving the organization’s safety goals. The goal of our safety program is to use all of the training, equipment and communication at our disposal to ensure that all of our employees have the tools they need to make safe decisions every time.


We are in the people business and we know that people are fallible. We always choose prevention, but we realize that mistakes will happen. The question becomes do we have the capacity to absorb failure without causing harm. To be ready, we will plan and execute work assuming that failure could happen at any moment. We will learn from each job, each mistake and success – to continue getting better in every aspect. Safety is not the complete absence of injuries – it is the presence of capacity. Safety is not just a policy – safety is the core of who we are and always at the forefront of our focus.

The Capacity Model creates a work environment that focuses on preventing an incident while also building the capacity for failure by always planning and executing our work as if failure is going to happen today.

Establishing a learning-based philosophy allows the organization to adapt and mature, building upon lessons learned and operational efficiencies identified through collaboration..


It's important for crews to start focusing on STKY scenarios that could occur on their job site. Significant events are a result of a release or transfer of energy that can't be absorbed safely. When high-energy exposure exists, we must have capacity to fail safely.

STKY discussions are informal chats with crews about the stuff that can kill them on the job site. These discussions focus on identifying STKY, determining what controls are in place that build capacity within the work, allowing them to fail safely, then asking, "Is that enough?" STKY discussions highlight the hazards within our industry that have a history of killing individuals (electric contact, driving, struck by/line of fire, etc.) Compliance-based safety talk is not part of these discussions. Rather, they are focus on high-energy hazards that are present on the job site.


Nestled in the small town of La Grange, Texas is the Lazy Q Ranch, a world class training facility. Situated on over 2,100 acres the Lazy Q is home to the most rigorous training operation in the industry. The focus is on safe education, skill development and certifications.

Electric power linemen and customers can train on cutting-edge technology for all transmission structure types and up to 345kV. This area is powered by its own substation, completely separate from the power provided for the ranch. Quanta Energized Services oversees this portion of the training facility, bringing proprietary technology techniques to the workforce. The oil and gas section houses pipelines in all major diameters, a flow loop and underground testing capabilities. The pipeline area was designed to be flexible and allow for various diameter pipes to be brought in for integrity testing and training, making this a custom-solution for training on a challenging project. The telecommunications village features a small town with homes at various stages of construction. This enables development training at all milestones of a project. The Lazy Q Ranch evolves with the industry and was designed to mirror Quanta’s growth. As we expand our service capabilities, so will the training facility.

Providing a safe work place for our employees always comes first. In an effort to provide special recognition for workers who exemplify safe work habits and a commitment to safety above and beyond ones normal activities, we want to formalize our efforts in awarding the Quanta Safety Commitment Coin. We believe it is important to take the opportunity to identify and recognize those employees who may go unnoticed but have demonstrated outstanding commitment to a safe work environment, as well as safety away from the jobsite. Employees are nominated based on the following guidelines:

An employee who performs a distinguished act that aids, averts or assists during a hazardous situation such as providing emergency care to an injured employee and/or member of the general public.

An employee who proposes a significant change in a work process or procedure that prevents hazardous conditions and/or promotes safer work conditions.

An employee who develops/proposes a novel piece of safety equipment or modification to an existing piece of equipment that improves the safety of the operation.

An employee who exhibits exceptional safety leadership in a specific situation and/or an exceptional record of long‐term safety leadership.


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