Safety & Quality

At InfraSource, safety is not just a philosophy – it is our first core value. Our duty is to complete each and every project incident- and injury-free. 

InfraSource is committed to providing a safe work environment for its employees as well as ensuring the safety of the public as we complete our work. Safety sponsorship has been established at the highest levels of our organization to ensure that employees at every level and in every division are accountable for achieving the organization’s safety goals. The goal of our safety program is to use all of the training, equipment and communication at our disposal to ensure that all of our employees have the tools they need to make safe decisions every time.

Our Commitment to Safety


At Quanta, operating safely in everything we do is ingrained in our culture. We strive to complete every project without incident or injury because we believe it is our duty to do so. Quanta’s culture creates an atmosphere in which all employees have the opportunity and obligation to take ownership of their own safety and that of their coworkers. Our goal is a workforce that is safe, 24/7, both at work and at home.

Quanta Services Training Facility - Lazy Q Ranch

Nestled in the small town of La Grange, Texas is the Lazy Q Ranch, a world class training facility. Situated on over 2,100 acres the Lazy Q is home to the most rigorous training operation in the industry. The focus is on safe education, skill development and certifications.

Electric power linemen and customers can train on cutting-edge technology for all transmission structure types and up to 345kV. This area is powered by its own substation, completely separate from the power provided for the ranch. Quanta Energized Services oversees this portion of the training facility, bringing proprietary technology techniques to the workforce.  The oil and gas section houses pipelines in all major diameters, a flow loop and underground testing capabilities. The pipeline area was designed to be flexible and allow for various diameter pipes to be brought in for integrity testing and training, making this a custom-solution for training on a challenging project.  The telecommunications village features a small town with homes at various stages of construction. This enables development training at all milestones of a project.  The Lazy Q Ranch evolves with the industry and was designed to mirror Quanta’s growth. As we expand our service capabilities, so will the training facility.

Quanta Commitment Coin

Providing a safe work place for our employees always comes first.  In an effort to provide special recognition for workers who exemplify safe work habits and a commitment to safety above and beyond ones normal activities, we want to formalize our efforts in awarding the Quanta Safety Commitment Coin.  We believe it is important to take the opportunity to identify and recognize those employees who may go unnoticed but have demonstrated outstanding commitment to a safe work environment, as well as safety away from the jobsite.  Employees are nominated based on the following guidelines:

  • Action: An employee who performs a distinguished act that aids, averts or assists during a hazardous situation such as providing emergency care to an injured employee and/or member of the general public.
  • Prevention: An employee who proposes a significant change in a work process or procedure that prevents hazardous conditions and/or promotes safer work conditions.
  • Innovation: An employee who develops/proposes a novel piece of safety equipment or modification to an existing piece of equipment that improves the safety of the operation.
  • Leadership: An employee who exhibits exceptional safety leadership in a specific situation and/or an exceptional record of longā€term safety leadership.

FUSION 360 o

360.2.jpgThe Fusion 360 Program defines the expectations and responsibilities for all aspects of the organization that relate to fusion or fusion-related processes. By clearly defining all responsibilities, the intent is to optimize collaboration for all fusion-related functions to ensure in-field fusions are conducted with the highest level of quality.  Fusion 360 is best-in-class, engineered to ensure safety and success in every step, delivering quality every time.

Rules to Dig By Protocol

Rules to Dig By LogoAt InfraSource we specialize in safety & quality, every task performed is discussed/communicated with each employee through training and a daily job hazard analysis. The Rules to Dig By program is an integral part of InfraSource’s daily safety culture to prevent the loss of utilities, which keeps people safe and protects the environment.  

The Rules to Dig By program was implemented in late 2013. InfraSource has followed local, state, & federal Rules to Dig By laws since its start in the construction industry. The Rules to Dig By program has shown a significant decrease in the number of utility hits across the country. The forms are tracked in each region and inspected by the area/regional safety manager.

InfraSource believes that investing time, training, & energy into each one of our employees will provide the kind of safety culture that promotes a positive and proactive approach to safety & quality. Our programs set high expectations which has developed a perception of InfraSource within the industry as a highly sought after place of employment.

Training Tomorrow's Leaders

Quanta Performance Management

quanta-performance-management.pngAs part of Quanta’s commitment to safety, the executive team initiated the Quanta Performance Management (QPM) program. QPM creates leaders in performance and safety and delivers exceptional value to our employees and our customers. The QPM process strives for excellence in safety and performance.  Our ultimate goal is zero incidents and accidents in the work place.

Stepping up to Supervision

stepping-up-to-supervision.png“Stepping Up To Supervision” is a 4 hour workshop that explains the basic ideas, techniques, and skills every field supervisor needs to be effective. It shows what lies ahead and presents strategies and checklists to help anticipate each new challenge and deal with it — by delivering work that’s first-rate quality, working safely, and keeping a crew on schedule and under budget.

Four Basic Fundamentals

  • Setting Reasonable Standards and Limits Get Results Through Your Crew
  • Make Quality, Safety, and Productivity Part of Every Plan, Every Decision, Every Day
  • Become a Confident and Respected Leader

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