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Our community involvement initiatives span our entire geographic footprint and allow our people to give back in meaningful ways.

Giving back our time and resources is core to who we are, and we embrace a culture where each of us — and our company as a whole — can make a significant impact.

Quanta and its operating companies contribute to numerous educational, community development and health / wellness organizations. At InfraSource, we believe that if our communities thrive, so do their businesses and residents. We are proud that every day our projects are building a more prosperous and sustainable future for our customers and creating a lasting impact on the communities that we serve.

InfraSource in Action

Our crew in South Amherst, OH was performing a standard procedure routine of scouting, knocking, and tagging doors when one of our employees heard a faint yelling from a distance. He noticed an elderly woman lying on the ground in a field behind a house waving her arms. The woman had been stuck for 30 minutes, unable to move and without her cell phone. Our employee had EMS experience which allowed him to take proper action once he noticed the woman’s broken leg. While that employee stayed with the woman, two other InfraSource team members assisted EMS to the woman’s location.

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