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CDL Driver

CDL drivers support operations by loading/unloading equipment, supplies and materials.

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Corporate Support

Roles in our Corporate Support group include but are not limited to: Accounting, IT, Human Resources, Administrative Assistants and Marketing.

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Directional Driller

This position performs duties as directed by foreman while operating equipment such as backhoes, excavators, vibratory or static plows, and trenchers or directional bore machines.

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Engineers are responsible for the design and testing of solutions that meet our clients’ needs.

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Equipment Operator

Operators work with a team to safely install and replace underground utilities.

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Field Supervision

Field Supervision is responsible for organizing and supervising the safe daily operations of utility construction projects.

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You will be responsible for maintaining and managing a fleet of world-class equipment. Our teams rely on dependable equipment to complete our projects successfully, and...

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Fuser Pipefitter

A fuser/pipefitter is a DOT OQ Gas Pipeline qualified position with experience in the use of all types of fusion equipment and pipefitting procedures.

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Our interns gain hands-on experience and learning opportunities to help enhance their skills, challenge strengths, and reach their fullest potential.

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Laborers are an integral part of our crew. You will work with a team to safely complete underground utility construction projects.

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Project Management

Project Management requirements include providing accurate, measurable results by utilizing knowledge and processes to meet project requirements.

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Our safety careers include Field Safety Specialist, Area Safety Specialist, Regional Safety Manager and Safety Director.

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