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We believe that by investing in our workforce, we benefit our employees, our customers and the overall industry.

We invest in our employees’ future with the best education and training available. We continuously develop the latest curriculum to provide comprehensive and industry-leading training capabilities.

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Stepping up to Supervision

Our foremen and supervisors are our first line of management and crucial for ensuring the safety of all employees. This program is for the newly promoted foreman/supervisor. It identifies the tasks that lie ahead and presents strategies to help anticipate each new challenge and deal with them safely and efficiently. A few covered topics include, but are not limited to, the fundamentals of supervision, communication, productivity, and conflict resolution.

Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy is a multi-level program designed to expand the knowledge of our future leaders in five key categories: business fundamentals, financial acumen, customer focus, communication, and management skills. Through this program our employees are strategically placed in a position for success, allowing them to take on senior and executive level roles within our company.

Leadership Academy I focuses on the operational execution skills needed to advance to the Superintendent and Project Manager level. Leadership Academy II focuses on the development of the strategic execution skills needed for Operations Manager and Director roles in the company.

CAT Leadership Program

Quanta was involved in the development and funding of the CAT Leadership Program. Caterpillar, PipeLine Machinery International (PLM) and a group of the industry’s leading companies present a safety leadership program specific to the scenarios, conditions and environments in which pipeliners operate every day.

Learning to influence attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that drive our safety culture is one part of our program. It also provides the opportunity to increase communication and people skills. Participants experience real-life scenarios through engaging videos, role-playing exercises, interactive activities, and facilitated discussion to expand their knowledge of safety performance.

Northwest Lineman College (NLC)

To further expand its commitment to training the industry’s workforce, NLC was acquired by Quanta in January 2018. It is an accredited training facility with four campuses across the country and plans to build a fifth in North Carolina. The training curriculum includes specialized training geared toward the electric power, pipeline, industrial, and communications industries. NLC targets various and diverse hiring pools and offers grants for those students needing financial assistance.

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