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InfraSource delivers safe, high-quality and cost-efficient construction and engineering services.

Delivering Exceptional Value

Our telecommunications expertise allows us to deliver a complete turnkey Fiber Optic Network Design package with development services for OSP build programs focused on the construction of fiber networks. InfraSource is focused on developing Fiber Network Infrastructure solutions that create value for our customers and their members including power utilities, telecommunications and enterprise companies throughout the United States.

Underground Fiber Construction Services

  • Program Management
  • Directional Bore Implementation
  • HDPE Duct Placement
  • Fiber Splicing
  • Fiber Cable Installation
  • Vault & Pedestal Placement
  • Fiber Access Installation MST’s
  • RTD Long Tail Installation

Aerial Fiber Construction Services

  • Program Management
  • ADSS Fiber Implementation
  • Fiber Splicing
  • Fielding Site Survey
  • Duct Placement
  • Strand & Cable Installation
  • Traffic Control Management

Design and Engineering Services

  • Project Management
  • Fiber Network Design
  • FTTX Design Engineering
  • OSP Design Layouts UG
  • OSP Construction IFC Plan
  • Fiber Network Design
  • Field Engineering
  • Feasibility Study
  • Fiber to The Tower Design
  • Permitting & Row Services
  • Project Planning
  • Coordination
  • Shelter Placement Planning
  • Geospatial GIS Design Package
  • Fiber Allocation FMS
  • Bill of Materials
  • Management
  • Splicing Diagrams

Procurement and Purchasing

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