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Detroit Mechanic Teams Heroic Response

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On a chilly February morning, the InfraSource Detroit mechanic shop buzzed with its usual activity. The team members, seasoned and dedicated, went about their daily tasks—turning wrenches, engines humming, and camaraderie filling the air.

Without warning, a fellow mechanic was lying on the floor. Unresponsive. Instinct kicked in as their colleague’s life hung in their hands, and they had no time to spare.

The morning’s Job Hazard Analysis briefing had drilled emergency roles into the team’s head, and now those roles became lifelines. The mechanic team moved as one, and all took their assigned roles.

The Recovery Position: They gently shifted their teammate onto his side, creating a protective cocoon. Meanwhile, someone dialed emergency services.

The AED Retrieval: Another mechanic sprinted to the wall-mounted Automated External Defibrillator (AED). They tore it open, ready to jolt life back into their friend. The AED was NOT utilized, only retrieved.

Outside the Shop: Other team members stationed themselves strategically beyond the shop’s doors. They directed the approaching emergency vehicles to the shop. The fallen employee received critical care treatment by emergency services personnel in a very timely manner.

It wasn’t just about safety protocols or assigned roles. The entire mechanic shop team upheld InfraSource’s Safety and Team Core Values.

Receiving the Quanta Commitment Coin is an extreme honor, demonstrating our dedication to our employees. This prestigious award is given to those who exemplify safe work habits and an unwavering commitment to safety.

A group of InfraSource people standing with their Quanta commitment coins.

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