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Dive Deeper Inside the Good Catch Program

Safety is paramount in any organization, and our Good Catch program has proven highly effective. From near misses to proactive interventions, our employees have been instrumental in preventing accidents and ensuring a safe work environment.

The Good Catch Program encourages employees to report safety concerns and potential hazards. It empowers everyone—from frontline workers to management—to actively participate in maintaining a safe workplace. This program continues to provide us with countless safety success stories to share.

This first Good Catch is a bit different from others. On an ordinary workday, the crew had closed a one-way road using cones and signs. One of the crew members suddenly noticed an unexpected situation. A third-party vehicle was speeding down the opposite way of the work zone, being pursued by two police officers. The vehicle was believed to be going at least 70 mph. Without hesitation, he shouted to his crew, “Look out!” His vigilance and prompt action allowed the entire team to escape harm’s way. His awareness and quick thinking protected both himself and his colleagues from a potentially dangerous situation.

This next safety success story involves an improper hot line clamp. One day, our crew was assigned to replace a split cross arm. As they prepared for the job, they noticed an improperly installed transformer hotline clamp on the stirrup. Without hesitation, they initiated a stop timeout to address the issue safely. By adhering to STKY rules and utilizing their stop timeout authority, they prevented an unscheduled transformer outage.

These incidents powerfully remind us of the importance of staying alert and taking decisive steps to prevent potential hazards. Our commitment to safety remains unwavering through the Good Catch program.

From Hazard Identification to Safety Success: The Good Catch Program

At InfraSource, safety isn’t just a buzzword—it’s a way of life. The Good Catch program was put in place as a testament to InfraSource’s dedication to safety and The Capacity Model. Our team must consistently demonstrate close attention to detail, professionalism, and systematic approaches to identifying hazards.

Several field crews have recently gone above and beyond to make a “Good Catch.” These efforts not only ensured everyone’s safety by eliminating hazards but also helped build the capacity to fail safely.

Our first Good Catch program success story comes from one of our electric foremen. One seemingly normal day, while the crew was at work, he noticed something off about a nearby power pole. He went to check out the scene and quickly realized an old secondary service line was disconnected from a nearby garage. He immediately alerted the client and crew of this unsafe condition. His crew then properly de-energized the line, as there were live, exposed connections about four feet above the ground, and ultimately disconnected the service cable.

Next is an instance from one of our recent projects which was aimed at replacing a tangent-structured pole for a new recloser installation. As our crew was taking a job walk, not knowing what they would discover, they identified a deteriorated cross-arm brace on one of the adjacent power poles. One of the foremen rushed to warn the utility construction manager of this hazard. The crew then took corrective measures to clear the hazard, which, left untouched, would have posed a serious threat.

Lastly, we had a situation that occurred while our team was working on a double-circuit power pole. The crew promptly recognized that the adjacent power pole conductor needed to be correctly secured to the top of the porcelain insulator. This crew was quick to react, as they immediately exercised “Stop Work” authority. This allowed them to assess the situation, regroup, and then securely fasten the phase, which prevented costly unscheduled outages.

These prime examples of the Good Catch program highlight the true importance of having such programs in place. The Good Catch program isn’t just about preventing accidents; it’s about fostering a safety-first culture.

DCA’s Safety Person of the Year

Join us in celebrating Dewayne Ward, honored as DCA’s 2023 Safety Person of the Year! This prestigious award recognizes exceptional safety leadership across various domains. Whether spearheading innovative safety initiatives, implementing effective programs in the workplace, or positively impacting the community, recipients like Dewayne Ward exemplify dedication to safety excellence. 

Dewayne, an accomplished professional with over three decades of experience in the natural gas industry, started his career as a laborer. Through dedication, hard work, and a strong commitment to safety, he progressed from operator to general foreman, superintendent, area manager and ultimately became the Director of Operations.

Dewayne’s safety leadership shines through his unwavering commitment to being present in the field, regardless of competing business demands. Recognizing establishing and nurturing a safe work culture hinges on frontline employees, Dewayne directs the majority of his efforts toward them. His time spent on job sites—discussing hazards, implementing effective controls, fostering resilience in the face of challenges, and providing insights into the rationale behind field work—reinforces his commitment to employee safety and well-being.

One of Dewayne’s main focuses has been implementing safe driving techniques. As a result, he has personally overseen several safety initiatives that have improved the safety culture at InfraSource. Dewayne’s commitment to safe driving extends beyond the workplace to employees commuting daily. As a result, overall safety and well-being have improved, and at-fault vehicle incidents have decreased.

Dewayne’s remarkable contributions have significantly enhanced safety within the natural gas industry. His commitment to safety and quality has garnered respect and admiration from colleagues and peers alike. His lasting impact on the industry makes him the well-deserved recipient of the 2023 DCA Safety Person of the Year Award.

Detroit Mechanic Teams Heroic Response

On a chilly February morning, the InfraSource Detroit mechanic shop buzzed with its usual activity. The team members, seasoned and dedicated, went about their daily tasks—turning wrenches, engines humming, and camaraderie filling the air.

Without warning, a fellow mechanic was lying on the floor. Unresponsive. Instinct kicked in as their colleague’s life hung in their hands, and they had no time to spare.

The morning’s Job Hazard Analysis briefing had drilled emergency roles into the team’s head, and now those roles became lifelines. The mechanic team moved as one, and all took their assigned roles.

The Recovery Position: They gently shifted their teammate onto his side, creating a protective cocoon. Meanwhile, someone dialed emergency services.

The AED Retrieval: Another mechanic sprinted to the wall-mounted Automated External Defibrillator (AED). They tore it open, ready to jolt life back into their friend. The AED was NOT utilized, only retrieved.

Outside the Shop: Other team members stationed themselves strategically beyond the shop’s doors. They directed the approaching emergency vehicles to the shop. The fallen employee received critical care treatment by emergency services personnel in a very timely manner.

It wasn’t just about safety protocols or assigned roles. The entire mechanic shop team upheld InfraSource’s Safety and Team Core Values.

Receiving the Quanta Commitment Coin is an extreme honor, demonstrating our dedication to our employees. This prestigious award is given to those who exemplify safe work habits and an unwavering commitment to safety.

A group of InfraSource people standing with their Quanta commitment coins.

Quanta Services Reports Fourth Quarter and Full-Year 2022 Results

Quanta Services, Inc. (NYSE: PWR) today announced results for the three and twelve months ended December 31, 2022. Revenues in the fourth quarter of 2022 were $4.42 billion compared to revenues of $3.92 billion in the fourth quarter of 2021, and net income attributable to common stock was $162.6 million, or $1.10 per diluted share, in the fourth quarter of 2022 compared to net income attributable to common stock of $104.8 million, or $0.71 per diluted share, in the fourth quarter of 2021. Adjusted diluted earnings per share attributable to common stock (a non-GAAP measure) was $1.68 for the fourth quarter of 2022 compared to $1.54 for the fourth quarter of 2021.