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Dive Deeper Inside the Good Catch Program

Safety is paramount in any organization, and our Good Catch program has proven highly effective. From near misses to proactive interventions, our employees have been instrumental in preventing accidents and ensuring a safe work environment.

The Good Catch Program encourages employees to report safety concerns and potential hazards. It empowers everyone—from frontline workers to management—to actively participate in maintaining a safe workplace. This program continues to provide us with countless safety success stories to share.

This first Good Catch is a bit different from others. On an ordinary workday, the crew had closed a one-way road using cones and signs. One of the crew members suddenly noticed an unexpected situation. A third-party vehicle was speeding down the opposite way of the work zone, being pursued by two police officers. The vehicle was believed to be going at least 70 mph. Without hesitation, he shouted to his crew, “Look out!” His vigilance and prompt action allowed the entire team to escape harm’s way. His awareness and quick thinking protected both himself and his colleagues from a potentially dangerous situation.

This next safety success story involves an improper hot line clamp. One day, our crew was assigned to replace a split cross arm. As they prepared for the job, they noticed an improperly installed transformer hotline clamp on the stirrup. Without hesitation, they initiated a stop timeout to address the issue safely. By adhering to STKY rules and utilizing their stop timeout authority, they prevented an unscheduled transformer outage.

These incidents powerfully remind us of the importance of staying alert and taking decisive steps to prevent potential hazards. Our commitment to safety remains unwavering through the Good Catch program.